James F.

The Question is...


It’s time to transform your skills and get paid what your worth.

I'll show you how!

For Corporate Executives and Leaders

You're at that point in your life where


Taking orders from inferior leaders that aren’t as talented as you

Feeling like you don’t have purpose and you don’t matter

Questioning yourself and your true potential

Sacrificing your family and relationships for someone else’s legacy

Choosing between time, money and freedom

I know right where you are... I was that person for 20 years.

Family Man | Former Corporate Exec turned Entrepreneur | Storytelling Coach | Inspirational Speaker | Host of Leading Legends Podcast

My mission is simple... to help transition Passion led Executives and Purpose driven Leaders with a seamless exit strategy out and position them
as a coach, consultant, or online course creator to take control of their time, true earning potential and give them the freedom they deserve.


If your ready to transition your skill set and impact the world with your message, click the button below.
Profits lie in the details. Utilizing our strategy, we position our clients to 10X their ROI.


The time is now! TRANSFORM your influence, EVOLVE your culture, and build your LEGACY!


Gain clarity and a foundation around your brand and your message

Take inventory on your skills and unleash your true potential

Identify your ideal client and how to serve them to get raving fans

Align your purpose and your passion

Become a powerful coach/mentor so you can change lives and give back

Grow your business beyond what you thought was possible

Make new memories with the freedom to work from anywhere

Create a Legacy your family will be proud of

Unlock your entrepreneurial spirit

Get back your freedom to live the life you and your family deserve

Get a return on investment within 30 days (my clients average)

Finally get paid what your worth

Build a network and collaborate with like minded people

Take your life back

I help passion led executives and purpose driven leaders transition their expertise from employee to entrepreneur with a 30 day seamless exit strategy by teaching them how to build, profit, and scale a 7 figure buisiness online.

Create more TIME

Have more FREEDOM

Make more MONEY


Ways you and I can work together

Legacy Revealed

For burnt out, overworked and underpaid executives or leaders who are ready
and want to get out and start your own coaching or consulting business online
in a profitable and scalable way.

*Limited to 12 clients per month

Legacy Unleashed

For clients who have worked with Brandon in some capacity in the past and
want to 10X
their business unleash their legacy.
*Limited to 25 clients per quarter

Legacy Reserve

For entrepreneurs who prefer all inclusive one-on-one confidential working
partnership to get premier support they need in all aspects of life to find
balance in having it all. 100% customized to your unique vision and legacy. .

Investment is 100,000/year.

*Limited to only 10 clients per year.

What others leaders are saying

Not only did B deliver, he overdelivered. His coaching is incredible and he really does cover A to Z in an easy to follow, easy to understand method. Not only that, he was there for me EVERYTIME I needed him.

Rebeka S. 

Brandon's coaching has created a new life for me and my family. FOREVER GRATEFUL!

I was out in 30 and in 90 made more more than my previous years salary. Just getting started...

Craig B.

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Learn How to play a Different Game in Business & in Life


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