About me

My name is Brandon. Family Man,  Former Corporate Exec turned FullTime Entrepreneur, Storytelling Coach,  Inspirational Speaker, Host of Leading Legends Podcast, LEGACY BUILDER!

Some fun facts


I support passion led executives and purpose driven leaders in building a repeatable
scaleable winning formula by positioning them as a coach or consultant online.


My commitment to their transition from employee to entrepreneur sets them on course
to not only transform their influence but evolve their culture and finally build the legacy their family deserves.


  • I’ve successfully completed 6 corporate takeover’s and 1 startup in a 20 year career

  • I have developed and impacted thousands of leaders all over the United States

  • Family is everything to me and it’s my responsibility to find balance in not only 
    having it all, but to teach others how to do the same

Leading Legends was a family mission that became a movement. One in which we are now able to share with you in hopes to arm you with the strategies, resources and belief to live your most fulfilled life.

I am committed to not only helping you exit smoothly, and find your voice and
message to impact others, but to find balance with your personal and professional
life so you can truly have it all and build your Legacy.

Some real facts

I transformed my EQ and business acumen into a powerful brand that I am now dictating to live life my way, scaling my impact to change lives and helping other build legacies

  • I was an abused child.

  • Adopted at age 4.

  • My early years were invested in drugs, alcohol and violence.

  • I dropped out of college, had no money and was 40K in bebt when I started my 

  • I always knew I was destined for greatness.

  • Fell in love and entered the corporate world of sales.

  • I always had a growth mindset and was a student of the game and quickly rose to the top.

  • I was exposed to some of the most talented people in business, fortunately for me I paid attention, quickly learning what to do and what not to do.

  • I was the corporate assassin that was air dropped in to take over failing or struggling businesses and moved my family to 9 different states across the US.

  • I became the EXPERT master change agent and dominant culture builder.

  • After a 20 year career I was a the top of my game and knew I wanted more and time was running out.

  • I knew I needed to transfer my skill set to a business model that allowed me to have 
    the freedom to be present and help raise my 5 children.

  • I always had an entrepreneurial spirit that was suppressed by the corporate world, 
    after leaving I felt free and alive. This opened up a world of possibilities that I 
    couldn’t see before. This changed the direction of my Legacy.

  • I am a the luckiest guy in the world.  Husband for 23 years and father to 5 champions.

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