with Brad Owens

Brad Owens just ended his 16th year as head coach at Advance School of Wrestling. 

Having 35 years experience, Brad is recognized as one of the most successful wrestling coaches in the USA. Having had students who are olympians, few professional wrestling coaches have experienced the kind of HUGE successes likeBrad Owens. Brad Owens grew up in Mt. Zion, IL where he brought home four Illinois State medals including two state titles for Mt. Zion High School.  In addition to his state success, he also earned two All-American honors in Fargo and a runner-up finish at senior nationals.  As one of the nation’s top recruits, he chose to become a Badger for the University of Wisconsin.  As a Badger, he experienced a plague of injuries that sidelined him from doing what he loved most…competing!  However, Brad always finds the positive in every situation.  He says this was a blessing in disguise because not being able to compete is what pointed him into the direction of coaching. 

Tune and hear Brad Owens tell his story and give his roadmap to success.

Today’s Guest: Brad Owens Former head coach at Advance School of Wrestling

You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s a bad idea for parents to coach their kids?

  • How & why different coaching techniques must be different for different kids?

  • Can a kid be taught to be a great wrestler or is it something that requires innate talent?

  • After 16 years as a top wrestling coach, why did Brad decide to sell Advance School of wrestling?

  • How many regional, state, national and other wrestling titles has Brad won in his career?

  • Who are some of the top wrestlers Brad has coached?

  • How old was Brad when he started wrestling and how & why did he build Advance School of wrestling?

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