LL6: CATCHING FIRE! with Doug Nelson

Updated: Oct 12

#1 best selling author, international trainer, speaker & entrepreneur Doug Nelson stops by Leading Legends podcast today.

Growing up in complete and utter poverty, losing his father suddenly at age 11, attending 9 different schools, and being thrown into the foster care system was just the beginning for this extraordinary man. At 22 years old, Doug had served his country in the Military and was looking for what was next. Having experienced some success in sales, Doug decided to start a company of his own. After spending 7 years running two successful businesses, it hit him: he had created a prison of his own design. He wanted more money and mostly to get back his time! He wanted freedom! Tune in to today’s episode and hear Doug’s inspiring, uplifting story about how a super devastating explosion in his basement that severely burned and injured him from head to toe, was the fuel (no pun intended) that propelled and prepared Doug’s for the incredible life and financial freedom that he subsequently obtained from that tragic event. Today’s Guest: DOUB NELSON Best Selling Author International trainer, speaker & entrepreneur

You’ll Learn:

  • How being raised very poor can be used as a spring board to future success.

  • You’ll hear what unforgettable powerful words a rich friend of Doug’s spoke to him over coffee that set on the right pathway to financial freedom.

  • Most people have a daily routine/habit that creates constant fear, depression and paralysis in their lives that damage their minds, spirits, zaps away your energy & positive thinking and keeps your life on the pathway of failure rather than success. Do you know what that daily habit is? Is it harming your life?

  • Brandon explains what the “NO MONEY ZONE” is and why you DO NOT want to be there?

  • Brandon provides some valuable tips on how to “CHANNEL YOUR ENERGY” toward success to achieve “CONTROLLABLE” outcomes. POWERFUL STUFF!

  • Learn Doug’s #1 TAKEAWAY TIP that those craving life success MUST STOP DOING!

  • And much more…tune in and listen now!

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