LL2: Living The Good Life In Dubai with Anthony Joseph

If you haven’t heard already, you’re going to hear on this episode of Leading Legends Podcast

just how good living life in Dubai can be. Dubai is one of the most glamorous, affluent, clean

and exciting cities in the world.

Anthony Joseph, CEO of Prime Stay, LCC a real estate rental/leasing company in Dubai.

Anthony Joseph stops by to talk to Brandon about how he has built a successful real estate business

and several other businesses in Dubai in only a few short years and in doing so is now

recognized as one of the top closers in real estate sales & rentals in Dubai.

Anthony shares his engaging story of how he arrived in Dubai near destitute with only about $90

to live on during his first month in Dubai. Tune in and listen to his rags to riches story and learn

why he and multitudes of others have decided to leave the U.S.A and make Dubai their new


Today’s Guest: ANTHONY JOSEPH, Prime Stay Reality CEO

Born raised and educated in Lebanon

Self-Made Entrepreneur

Success Digger…

Top Real Estate Broker in Dubai

CEO- Prime Stay LLC,

Associate Director Provident Estate

You’ll Learn:

• Anthony talks about how he went from broke to being a SUPERSTAR in real estate

leasing & sales

• Learn about how you can get 4 LIFETIME passports & 4 nationalities

• What are the top jobs/careers in Dubai that earn UNBELIEVABLE sums of money?

• How to find and obtain high paying careers in Dubai

• How much does the average beer cost in Dubai. SHOCKING!

• Common mistakes that cause foreigners to be arrested and deported

• Why is the Dubai lifestyle so admired and sought after by in-the-know people around the


Follow Anthony:

Business Email: dxbportfolio@gmail.com

Website: primestay.ae

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anthony_aj_wit/?hl=en

Prime Stay Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/primestayllc/?hl=en

Provident Estate Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/providentestate/?hl=en

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Email: info@brandonborrelli.com

Website: brandonborrelli.com

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