LL1: The Science of Bio Hacking for Optimal Health with Gary Brecka, CEO of Streamline Health

Updated: May 4

The COVID-19 virus pandemic, panic and news is everywhere. But have you considered that

there are some powerful natural things you can do to beat the fear and the Coronavirus itself?

thought of boosting your immune system? Well there are indeed things you can do.

Gary Brecka, of Streamline Wellness, is on this episode of Leading Legends Podcast talking to

Brandon Borrelli about how to build optimal immune health to fight the Coronavirus and any

other virus for that matter.

Gary explains the real problem comes as a result of most people having serious nutrient

deficiencies, not from the actual virus. Gary shares three ways in which you can protect

yourself by beginning to supercharge and boost your immunity in just five days.

Learn why the blood is the determiner of your physical health and how Streamline Wellness

works with people to ensure you retain your health & youthfulness.

Today’s Guest: Gary Brecka

Gary Brecka is a human biologist, the CEO of Streamline Wellness, and has got 20 years of

predicting mortality rates in the insurance industry. He’s also a biohacker, a blood chemist, and

an anti-aging superstar. Gary recently opened six new health clinics based on the South of

Florida. He says his goal is to support people to become their best, healthiest, and living their

most fulfilled lives.

You’ll Learn:

• Gary talks about how to build optimal health

• What are the three pillars of building optimum health

• How to boost our immunity to combat for the COVID-19.

• a) What kind of probiotics you should use to SUPERCHARGE your immune system.

• b) The impact of the Omega-3 fatty acids on our first responders in the immune system

and how to arm yourself with it.

• c) The importance of Vitamin D3 in boosting the immune system.

• How long before your immune system responds to correct supplementation?

• The drug that is prescribed to COVID-19 patients and its effects in treating the virus.

• How do a virus work and the importance of a strong immune system?

• The effects of the inability of our bodies to absorb important nutrients.

• How does the anti aging science work?

• Why blood is the optimal carrier of information in your body.

• Why your physiology determines your state and your overall health & life success?

• How to access Gary and how his clinic Streamline Wellness does blood works.

• What’s next for Streamline clinics?

• How Streamline Wellness works with your blood to optimize your health.

• Gary’s advice on why not to fear the COVID-19 pandemic.

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