LL3: How To Become A Great Leader During Crisis with Jessie Brisendine

Author, speaker, internationally-recognized life coach Jesse Brisendine stops by Leading Legends Podcast to talk about how to become and be a better leader in times of great crisis.

Jesse digs deep with Brandon on what business owners can do to take the lead their

companies and organizations to new heights of success even in the face of difficult times (ex:

the Coronavirus pandemic).

Do you want to learn how you to can improve and thrive as a leader?… then tune in now and

get your notepad and ink pen ready to jot down some valuable tip & info from successful life

coach Jesse Brisendine.

Today’s Guest: Jessie Brisendine

Jesse Bresendine is a Speaker, Author, Life Coach from Santa Barbara California. Jesse is an

Internationally-recognized lifestyle strategist who motives, educates and inspires business

owners and their employees worldwide. Jesse’s passion in life is helping people like you live

their happiest, healthiest most fulfilling life.

You’ll Learn:

• What “emotional capital” is.

• How to utilize “emotional capital” to motive employees and team members

• Learn how not to play the “blame game” and how to take responsibility to solve problems

• How to assess new opportunities in difficult times

• Why leaders need to foster and have “outside the box thinking”

• Why & how giving “Job Titles” is hurting your business

• Get Jessie’s criteria that determines a GREAT leader

• How can you be a more effective leader in times of crisis

• Things you can do to inspire your team and promote innovation in your business

• How do weak leaders respond to crisis -vs- how a strong leader responds to crisis

• Obtain Jessies “TOP 5 TIPS” for becoming a GREAT leader in business

Follow Jesse:

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