LL8: How to find EMPLOYMENT in the midst of COVID-19 & Beyond with Nelson Leiser

“East Tennessee's Most Connected Recruiter” stops by Leading Legends podcast to talk about proven methods anyone can use to find and land employment in the midst of Covid-19 and beyond.

Having tons of 1st level LinkedIn connections and as the founder of “Networking in Knoxville, TN” LinkedIn group with over 7,900 members, Nelson has the connections and decades of experience as a professional recruiter that is 2nd to none. On this episode Nelson provide you with some great insights, tips & advise on what actions you can take to acquire employment now and clears away the cob webs and explains what job recruiters are looking for in prospective job candidates.

Today’s Guest: Nelson Leiser Regional Manager, Talent Acquisition for Bluegreen Vacations.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why Networking Is The #1 Key To Job Hunting Success

  • What Things To Do To Stand Out From The Pack

  • What Top Companies Are Currently In A Hiring Frenzy

  • What Key Things You Must Do Before You Start Job Hunting

  • How Finding A Mentor Can Help Pave Your Way To Career Success

  • What Makes A Great Leader

  • How Friends and Family Can Help Keep Your Spirit & Mind On The Right Path

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